Simple Rules: A Radical Inquiry Into Self



A Radical Inquiry into Self



Going Beyond Self-Help, Discover Your Ability to Change the World and Generate Self-Hope

How can one person effectively influence the world and create change in their lives?  How does one individual develop sound, productive options for action that help to achieve greater success and make a difference?

Simple Rules: A Radical Inquiry into Self offers a straightforward, uncomplicated approach to merging what you believe and understand about your world, and action.  Simple rules guide behavior and create the structure within which you live your life.  A short list of simple rules, however, is more than a checklist:  it is part of the larger dialogue you have with yourself and the world, and points the way for you to achieve authenticity and satisfaction.

What makes this work Radical is that you will dig down deep into yourself, and allow your questions rather than the answers to move you forward.

Readers will learn:
–   Systems thinking and the nature of simple rules
–   How these concepts come alive for individuals, families and communities every day
–   An array of powerful tools for creating and applying your own simple rules
–    What is, what can be, and what’s next for all who want to engage in the ongoing path of lifelong radical inquiry

Moving effortlessly from grounded systems theory to practice, the authors engage readers in a process of understanding what they can do to influence the direction of their lives.  Simple Rules encompasses both a discipline that generates new knowledge and the application of this knowledge to transform action and results.

“This is a clear, straight-forward approach to one of the most significant organizing principle in the dynamics of human systems. Royce Holladay and Mallary Tytel share their rich experience and insights bravely and generously.  I can’t wait to use this promising practical guide to revisit my own simple rules, and recommend others to do the same.”  Dr. Judy Meisels Tal, Principle, LearningCycles

“The genius of the authors is that they have conveyed what is expected and demanded of those seeking lasting change. Simple Rules is a wonderfully written explanation of how the smallest changes can profoundly impact the world.  This is a book with universal appeal and application for personal and organizational success.”  Timothy Germany, Commissioner, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

“This succinct volume uses simple stories and metaphors to help us recognize the patterns we act out on a daily basis. It then gives us specific ways to create new, empowering methods to think and act.  Simple Rules allowed me to see where my means of operating helped me meet my goals and where I needed to change my patterns to get back on track. I can use it for myself and apply it to organizations.   There is lots of impact here in a few pages!”  Katherine Barton, Consultant, Educator and Community Volunteer

We live in an increasingly connected world.  Opportunities to optimize our human potential are everywhere.  We can make new connections and influence those around us positively every day, and in so doing improve our own capabilities.  All we have to do is to decide how we want that to happen.  It’s up to us now to channel that potential, that best of who we are, toward the greatest challenge facing humanity: that of achieving global sustainability on our shared planet. 

“Simple Rules helps lead us toward coherence in attitude and behavior and thereby the confidence that our emerging positive purpose will be present in our every interaction.”  Dr Enrico Wensing, Founder of Ecosphere Net


ISBN: 9780982111222
Publish Date: February 2011

Format: Paperback,  184 pages
SRP: $18.95

Mallary Tytel