Radical Inquiry Journal

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A Companion Tool for Simple Rules:  A Radical Inquiry into Self




  • How can you effectively influence the world and change your life?
  • How can you develop options for action that help you achieve greater success and make a difference for yourself and others?


Radical Inquiry Journal reveals a straightforward, uncomplicated approach to understanding and transforming your life to align with your values.  Very simply, your behavior creates patterns and expectations that shape how you live.  By consciously choosing how you behave and interact with others, you create a foundation for everything you do.  These are your simple rules.  Are these patterns working for you? These two volumes show you how to enforce the patterns that are positive and shift the patterns that are negative.  The resounding message throughout:  you can do it!

In clear, easy-to-understand prose that combines human systems dynamics, theory and practice with universal, down-to-earth examples, Simple Rules provides an array of powerful tools for identifying and applying these concepts every day. Radical Inquiry Journal is the next step in your journey.  It highlights that the heart of this work is about inquiry and seeing the world through questions.  This Journal will help you chronicle your journey to finding real meaning in the world. Use these two books to for your own reflection and planning toward a more sustainable and productive life

“When I am engaged in meaningful inquiry, I recognize myself at my most successful and satisfied. Radical Inquiry Journal and its companion, Simple Rules: A Radical Inquiry into Self, provide the tools I need to navigate the unknown terrain of today’s complex and turbulent environments.”   Dr. Glenda Eoyang, Founder and Executive Director, Human Systems Dynamics Institute

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ISBN: 9780982111239   

Publish Date: March 2011

Format: Paperback,  168 pages
SRP: $14.95


Mallary Tytel